Iron Mask’s Xbox360Phat HookUp!

Ok so I finally got my Xbox modded as well and figured I’d present it to my viewers.  Please feel free to contact me at

I got the exterior fan by ThermalTake  at RadioShack  ($10)

A small piece of clear Lexan at the Home Depot beside the Shack and the light was on a discount rack at Advance Auto for like $3.00 and I used an old 9v powersupply to power these up… that way you can cut the fan and lights off if you are watching stream video or something that doesn’t demand a lot of resources from the GPU which has been known to have the overheating problems.  Doing this can prevent you from the infamous RROD.  This will not fix the RROD if you have had overheating before the mods.  But we can take the extra precautions necessary to prevent the RROD (Red Ring of Death).  We can talk about it more if you are interested.

Here are the shots from my Xbox360 Phat.





Frankie’s XBox360 New Family Edition!


Just did some more modding to one of my good friends and family member’s Xbox360….

I had some turbulence on the way to customizing it…but!!.. I worked the magic! And here are some of the latest shots from the Lab…

The first few pics are before we decided to change the color and the way some of the add-ons were power sourced… The Xbox360 contains a 12v power source and 5v power source combo residing in the powerbrick… the newer the Xboxes evolved and were revised by Micro$oft they went from about a 200 watt power supply down to 150 watt power supply… The rear fans are supported by 12 volts.. so at first as a lot of Xbox modders have done… they have used the existing 12 volt power source for the rear stock fans… Since Frankie wanted me to add the Blue whisper fans and an additional Thermaltake – Text Scrolling 9-12volt fan for extra cooling it put the 12volt power source under more additional load that Micro$oft did not implement on the Xbox being sourced out to… So with extra lights included in the fans and the clear duct system which has 4 LEDs as well… This caused the 12 volt regulator on the motherboard to quit functioning… The console loaded fine for awhile and then eventually I lost my 12 volt feed… So.. fortunately I was able to replace the 12v voltage regulator with a newer one… which corrected the problem… Being that Frankie and myself didn’t want this to happen again… we decided to outsource some of the load to our own source… So I added  a multi-voltage power supply I modified to power the extra Thermaltake fan and anything else we decided would demand more energy.  This is probably the safest way to go about adding a lot of extras to your Xbox… I am currently using a 9volt powersupply for personal Xbox360 to power my Thermaltake (non-text scrolling fan and red florescent light)… I am still working on mine… which I will post soon enough…

Without further ado… here are some pics of a work in progress…

May I present to you KoJack’s (Frankie) Xbox360 God of Mods Edition





And here is what it looks like after I painted it the desired color Frankie wanted…


Notice: The harddrive on the side is naked! It’s going to  be modded so the shell is being worked on….atm…



This is a top view of Frankie’s Xbox… he want something artistic on the customized DVD player since it had the see-through window to watch the dics spinning his favorite games….


And one more closer view of the inside of Frankie’s Xbox to show you the detail of the extras I installed in his customized machine…

Have Fun Frankie!












Added Trim around the fan as well so it doesn’t look so “industrial”…

And…. Now.. What you wanna see! The END RESULTS!!

Thanks for all the support Frankie… and special thanks for the assist to my roomie Bob!

Customized xbox360 for the Extreme Gamerz! Iron Style!


You well looks like you found my section for customizing your Xbox360 console to look like it just went in some time machine for Xtreme Makeover in some little shop on Rodeo Drive..Hollywood style..

How ever your taste may be… you don’t feel like sending your xbox360 off to some perfect stranger and getting your head chopped off in prices and who knows what else! Right?! Well I am local and reasonable and will work with you in making your console look and operate the way you could only imagine until now….

So, Here are a few examples of what I can offer as a service to you on making your Xbox360 look like something to brag and boast about to your buds with!  ….And naturally, I hope you decide to recommend them to me… So without further ado…here is some awesome stuff that I can make happen to your Xbox360 and if you would like to pursue a relatinship Xtreme Style… Then Iron Mask has what you want!!

Just contact me at and I will send you any info you need and we can take a step towards making your Xbox360 experience unleashed!

modded_xbox_360  images  xbox-360-mod-master-chief-2 xbox360case_04

blood-splatter_xbox-360-case-mod_1 Snapshot_20090120_7 



XBox360-I modded for Trevor

My Xbox360 modded blue w/ extra fan and red florescent light..plan on changing fan to a clear one..

Just to give you some examples of what your case could look like!  I can also install extra cooling fans and liquid cooling is also an option to consider… but the more sophisticated you want to make it the more expensive it can get.. So you may just want to start off with some of the more basics like these…

I also have an extensive collection of designs available to give you an idea of what you may want etched or applied on your console.. These can range from awesome stickers or actually cut-out patterns to peer down into your illuminated case to see what’s brewing inside your Xbox360.  The choice is yours… I will be providing you with links to buy the parts you would like to add to your console… because I can’t afford to keep everyone’s flavor in stock.. I just provide the skills, experience and tools for the job.  So you can take the liberty of discussing what you would like added into/onto your console to make it the dream machine you’ve been waiting for! 

Cut-Out Designs for the Outside Case

With your existing console case I can modify it to your choice of designs to reveal what’s under the Xbox360 hood…Ranging from skulls, sport-team designs, tribal, musical, aliens, shapes, and izes… the sky is the limit… I have what it takes to custom design what you are looking for or you can access some ideas in my clicking the links below..

Iron Mask’s Design’s Galore I

Iron Mask’s Design’s Galore II


Under the Hood Xtreme Style Mods

As you have noticed from the pics above and probably from ones you’ve seen on the internet you can add extra fans and lights, and many other items to enhance your experience to it’s fullest!

Ordering your Parts

We can use your existing console case to make modifications or you can order generic cases from links you have already found or ones that I will be suggesting from time to time in the list below:


Parts and Accessories Links


Xbox3 Console Cases

LED Lights for Under Your Hood

Xbox 360 Green Talismoon Whisper Cooling Fan

Xbox 360 Blue Talismoon Whisper Cooling Fan

Other Accessories

My Games List and Gamertag Profile

Contact Me!

Behind the Mask 3 – Self-Will Riot


Self-will riot

familiar places and familiar places

somehow I’ve become paranoid of the two

if I could face them like a roaring lion

I’d be able to reach the Acme on Kilimanjaro’s laden stretch

yet, part of me refuses to push ahead

and the rest of me is satisfied with being alone

this too shall pass, said one of the familiar faces

my confidence was instantly rebuilt and I was off to the races

back again in those familiar faces chasing my nightmares again

yet, he was my choice to fold up again until Possum

only pretending to be dead because I never had the balls

to carry the off, by myself, yet so still. I only pretended

crying out to haven for the Angel to please come out and save me

yet, I was still standing upon the pile of the defeated

it even smelled like defeat, but somehow I grew a little stronger

maybe because it didn’t kill me and kissed off that it didn’t make me feel the way it had done when I was still young

so why was I still choosing to face the roaring lion?

A bad habit, so hard to break was all I could think of

why did I feel used up and thrown away?

Like the self will run riot, I still remain quiet

because I was still hurting and bleeding and I was still feeding

the bad Wolf and he was crouched and ready to devour the rest of me

am I ready to be eaten? Or will I surrender the war against myself?

And end that self will run riot

Behind the Mask 2–One Foot on the Gas


Wallpapers for Desktop 093

1 Foot On The Gas

Hey you Mr. freeway

my name is Mr. passerby

I came to see  you

about the makings of a nickel and a dime

so why don’t you guide me

to a land that was built upon the skies

for  you can see

that it’s hard to be one of those standup kind of guys

Carolina back roads and

Virginia swamps also hard to master

1 foot on the gas

trying to save my ass

from another one of those self willed disasters

trying to keep it cool

because I ain’t nobodies fool

and Times not going to move any faster

Hello there Mr. sunshine

it’s you that greets me every day

I came to see if you knew

why the pale yellow moon won’t come out and play

I know you know, Mr. Sun

that it does not have anything to do with the way I shoot my gun

because I’m tired of all your days

and all your bad ways, so why don’t you show me why

Carolina back roads and

Virginia swamps also hard to master

1 foot on the gas

trying to save my ass

from another one of those self willed disasters

trying to keep it cool

because I ain’t nobodies full

and Time is not going to move any faster


Words from Behind the Mask_The Beginning…

Wallpapers for Desktop 078

So I was thinking maybe it’s time to share some of my poems with my world.. so small.. just the way I like it.  Forgive the mistakes, I am not exactly a writing expert… Just a guy with a lot on his mind with it bouncing off my heart with these…. Please don’t be afraid to comment and let me know what you thought…

Now Feel This


My vision is going and sometimes my brain is lost.

Seems I always fulfill these things with no limit to a cost.

And sometimes these things dig up in my skin.

What is the problem? You don’t know how to begin.

Stranger days have come and made a pass.

Oh, When will we ever come and learn in class?

Pain is indubitably the affected consequences.

When will this heart and soul bring back my senses?

Anger brings rage and stomps around within my mind.

If I had the remote where would I stop and rewind.


Now feel this…

I’m a hero to my eye own misery

A saint through the eyes of a madman

And now I’m making history

Only that I was always masking the face of a sad man.

This is not the real me, only an imposter to spy.

I only chose to let Satan here my horrific cries.

God is always near I just never chose to turn to hear.

Only truly dying is what I really opt to fear.


My journey is halfway over and I am alone and cold.

We had everything you and I but now we’re getting old.

Will I burn my own fate before another real hero dies?

The only melody is about how the angel watches over us and flies.

Do I still have a place in the midst of the stars?

Or will I remain to wear these scars behind more iron bars?

I am a liar, thief, lover, uncle, son and a brother.

I don’t think I will ever be able to love another.

Somebody hold me up because I can’t find or see my God.

Until that day I will only be a memory of a love so hard.







Iron Tower


This is mypersonal computer  tower I built over the past month..


It was a lot of hard work, patience (thanks Amy, Crys, and Riley!!), time and focus.  I have done alot of modding to my computers in the past.My first was a Commodore 64 (Image below).

God, I loved those days!!  You could not unglue me from that spot!!  (Hey dad, sure would love to play around with all that old stuff!)   And that is what led me to modding/hacking pcs, game consoles, and handhelds.

If you have any other modded pics of pc’s, consoles, automobiles, handhelds, etc.. I would love to post them with mine.